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I recently ran into an issue where I had to transition the height of an element from 0 to auto. Typically this is needed when "pushing" in new content from a feed, or expanding a container with "Show More". On the comment section of this website, I achieved this by first appending the inserted element to location off-screen and then measuring the rendered height. Then I could animate the expanding container using an absolute height.

I wanted to find a more elegant solution to this problem. I encountered the max-height solution, in which the maximum height is animated instead of the height. This works as long as the content is always less than your max-height. There are a few caveats, most notably the animation getting "stuck" (because the max-height is too high). When animating back to zero, it gets stuck at the beginning for a split second.

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December 26, 2015 | no comments

I recently became the owner of Asus's ZenPad S Z580CA. I chose this device as my new tablet because of many factors:

  1. Size: it is so thin and light
  2. Performance: an Intel x86 CPU matched with 4GB of RAM should have no problems in most situations
  3. Screen: the 4:3 aspect ratio is excellent for a tablet.
  4. Price: At only 9000NTD, it is priced the same as the 2012 Nexus 7

All things considered, this should have been a relatively painless investment. After all, with today's standards, how bad could a premium tablet really be? It turns out that Asus engineering still leaves something to be desired.

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December 19, 2015 | 4 comments
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