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Students in Taiwan don't get nearly as many holidays as students in the United States do. I remember that there were 3-day weekends at least once a month, and even holidays such as Columbus Day existed! In Taiwan, it is considered lucky to have even one 3-day weekend in an entire semester. If December 31st happened to be on a Tuesday, then back to school for you on Thursday! The only break most people can look forward to is winter break. Typically, this lasts for around 3 weeks (for students) during January and February. Winter break is used to celebrate the Chinese New Year. Most white-collar workers are allowed around 6 continuous days off during this period. As a senior year college student, it is suffice to say that I have enjoyed the last day of the last full winter break of my life today.

School starts tomorrow. This semester won't be the same as any other. I'll have fewer classes. I'll have more free time. I'll have to be looking for a job. When the semester ends, I won't have summer break. I'll be graduating and getting a job. It seems weird, and I still can't quite wrap my head around the fact that soon, it'll be 9-6 every day. I have so many questions. How is there time for hobbies? Leisure? Recreation? Relationships?

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February 25, 2015 | 2 comments
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