{} is {person.age} years old!

Data binding in JavaScript usually means something like knockout.js. But it can be accomplished with plain JavaScript, even if it looks a bit uglier.

document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', init);

function init() {
	var person = {
		age: 23,
		name: "Michael"

	iqwerty.binding.Model({ person });

	var blog = {
		post: ''

	iqwerty.binding.Model({ blog });

<input type="text" data-iq-bind-to="">
<div data-iq-bind=""></div>

<input type="number" data-iq-bind-to="value:person.age">
<div data-iq-bind="person.age"></div>

<div data-iq-bind>{} is {person.age} years old!</div>

<textarea data-iq-bind-to=""></textarea>
<div data-iq-bind-to="" contenteditable></div>

The name is bound to the div through the attribute data-iq-bind or data-iq-bind-to. Use brackets {...} to denote the property to bind. There are other ways to bind the data. Check out GitHub for more info.